Vehicle Safety Tool

Vehicle Safety Tool
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Compact multi-function metal safety tool for vehicles. It has a hammer for breaking glass, a seat belt cutter, a powerful COB warning light and a strong magnet for attaching it to the top of a disabled vehicle. The light uses radical COB (Chips on Board) technology which produces much more light intensity than conventional lights yet draws a lot less current which dramatically increases battery life. It is powered by five button cell batteries which are replaceable and has a handy woven wrist strap.




Dia 13mm x L 128mm x 45mm.

Branding Options

Pad Print Front - 35mm x 9mm.

Pad Print Back - 55mm x 9mm.

Laser Engraving Front - 35mm x 8mm.

Laser Engraving Back - 35mm x 8mm.

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