Timberland Power Bank

Timberland Power Bank
On-trend 4000mAh power bank which is manufactured from laminated wood. It has an input power of 5V/1000mAh and an output power of 5V/1000mAh. Timberland is presented in a natural unbleached gift box with a white Micro-B USB cable and an instruction leaflet. Wood is a natural material which produces unavoidable variances in the grain pattern, colour and branding. An optional EVA carry case and a triple connector cable are available on request.
NZ$ 33.92 excluding GST
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Dimension: Power bank: L120mm x W 65mm x 10mm.,Carry case: L 174mm x W 110mm x 33mm.,Gift box: L 138mm x W 71mm x 11mm.

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